Arthritis Management

Arthritis is a condition that is estimated to affect one-third of adult Americans and for most types of arthritis there is no definitive cure. There are however, numerous treatments, medications, and lifestyle adjustments that can dramatically diminish the pain, swelling, and inflexibility of someone with arthritis.

Improving your quality of life

How does arthritis management work?

The sooner arthritis is diagnosed the better. Patients dealing with arthritis should avoid smoking, get the right kind of exercise (low-impact, non-repetitive), and stretch regularly. Obesity puts additional strain on joints, so being fit will help reduce the effects of arthritis as well. A range of medications, dietary adjustments, and physical therapy can improve quality of life considerably. We take a holistic and balanced approach to helping patients manage arthritis, with the goal of guiding them toward healthier, happier, more active lives.